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About Nordic Vehicle Dynamics Engineering

NVDE stands for Nordic Vehicle Dynamics Engineering, a company founded in 2012 with many years of experience in the racing industry and automotive industry. In racing, we have worked with top-level teams in F1 and rallycross to smaller family teams. With the highest quality and service, we solve your problems within chassis tuning, vehicle dynamics, simulation, setup and we also provide racing support such as race engineer.

From the automotive industry, we have many years of experience in automotive dynamics simulation (MBS), chassis tuning and testing / validation.

NVDE is a distributor of MoTeC products.


We have many years of experience from the racing and automotive industry and as one of few Swedes, we have been working with F1 chassis development in UK. We apply these unique skills to help big and small teams with their goals, pass first and faster over the finish line!


NVDE focuses on the customer and we are not afraid to take the extra step to deliver services and products that exceed customer expectations.


We take on our assignments with great enthusiasm and zeal to deliver within agreed timeframes with added value.

Race support

NVDE provides top level racing support for both track racing and rallycross and organizes tailor-made testing days for your needs. With our extensive experience, we optimize your package from hardware to soft values, always with the goal of achieving the highest possible results. We can also assist you with settings on the car during tests and race weekends and/ or make a basic setup of the car in our workshop.

  • Race Engineer
  • Performance Engineer
  • Planning of test days focusing on chassis, driveline, tyres and/ or driver development
  • Optimization of your team with management, routines, documentation, coaching.
  • Analysis and evaluation of race/ tests with recommendations
  • Building performance metrics and aids/methods for chassis and driver development
  • Setup of your race car on track or in our workshop

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Data Acquisition

We have experience in finding car performance and driver improvements as well as ensuring reliability with the most common software such as MoTeC, PI, ATLAS, AIM, VBOX. NVDE is a MoTeC dealer specializing in chassis logging and dashes and can handle complete system solutions from concept to complete installation with looms, sensors and support. Our expertise in the field ensures that you get a cost-effective solution that meets your needs.

  • Driver analysis and coaching
  • Chassis / Powertrain Data Analysis
  • Development of performance metrics
  • Specification of complete system according to needs and budget
  • Manufacturing of looms and connectors
  • Installation and setup is or in our workshop
  • Support/service on track, in our workshop or by remote connection

Andreas Hellman, Raceengineer

Chassis development/tuning and simulation

With extensive experience from chassis development/tuning and vehicle dynamics simulations we can help our customers with development project and complete CAE assignments containing vehicle measurements, building models, validations and analysing data. We have several years’ experience with state of the art testing equipment such as shaker and K&C rigs.

  • Ride and handling simulations and testing
  • Full vehicle and sub system modeling
  • Validation of full vehicle and subsystem against test data
  • K&C rig testing and analyzing results
  • Chassis development on 7post rig
  • Chassis development on 4post rig
  • Road load simulation
  • Optimization and DOE


With advanced knowledge and extensive experience within suspension, dampers, spring/damper systems and brakes we can assist with complete system solutions, solve existing problems and improve ride behavior.

  • Specification of complete system tailored to your need and budget.
  • Analyze, optimization and setup of existing system/components

Contact details

Nordic Vehicle Dynamics Engineering AB
Andreas Hellman
Tel 070-6682594
Adress: Kurvallen 39
741 92 Knivsta